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Two scientists working in a clean room


Relationships and collaborations with industry are central to the National Graphene Institute (NGI) and the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC). Some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies are working with The University of Manchester on graphene applications.

These collaborations offer our industrial partners the opportunity to work alongside our world-leading academics and 300 researchers.


More than 90 companies to date from all over the world have chosen to partner with The University of Manchester to make their graphene ideas a reality. We continue to receive many enquiries from large and small companies to work with us and we want to see how we might collaborate to take those ideas and interests into projects and then products and applications.

With the formation of the GEIC, in addition to the existing range of research projects and collaborations, we now offer a number of tailored partnerships for organisations that wish to have either a short or a deeper and more prolonged engagement than traditional short-term contracts might provide:

Tier 1 partnerships

The most comprehensive membership package provides all the facilities required for a long-term project in multiple application areas.

Tier 1 members receive:

  • A dedicated 9m x 7m laboratory. 
  • Access to unique application labs and specialist equipment. 
  • At least 50% of membership fee allocated to project activity . 
  • Access to academic partners. 
  • Work with our Application Managers and Application Specialists.
  • A seat on the Technology Advisory Board, with insight on the direction of graphene applications and input to future equipment and strategy. 
  • Dedicated office space, and use of hot desks. 
  • Member name and logo displayed on lab door. 
  • Opportunity to leverage our network of our Affiliate Partners.

Annual fee starts at £200,000 (exc. VAT), with at least 50% allocated to project activity. A tier 1 membership is a minimum of a 3 year agreement. 

Contact us for more information.

Tier 2 partnerships

Tier 2 Membership provides the route to a short, rapid, feasibility study, delivered at a cost that makes this an option for SMEs and start-up companies or larger companies looking to investigate the opportunities for incorporating graphene into their business. Tier 2 membership includes access to a specific application area, and is designed to provide answers required to prove feasibility, fail quickly, or continue with a project concept to a much larger follow-on project in the GEIC or National Graphene Institute (NGI).

Tier 2 membership includes:

  • Access to a specific application area, and all specialist equipment within that area.
  • At least 50% of fee allocated to project activity.
  • Access to GEIC academics and GEIC core team.
  • Hot desk and laboratory space.
  • Access to meeting rooms and conference space. 
  • Representation on the Technology Advisory Board.

Annual fee starts at £40,000 (exc. VAT), with at least 50% allocated to project activity. A tier 2 membership is up to 12 months. 

Contact us for more information.

Affiliate partnerships

Affiliate Partnerships are suitable for any service company that can create value for the next generation of products and processes emerging from the GEIC. Typical companies might include: business support and enabling services, such as lawyers, accountants, IP specialists, web designers, marketing, business development, entrepreneurs, mentors, supporting engineers (eg: mechanical, software, electronic, CAD, modelling) and product designers.

  • The benefits of being an Affiliate Partner include: 
  • Be part of a thriving community of research and commercialisation activities in the heart of Graphene City®.
  • Business opportunities for partnerships, engagements and collaborations with the GEIC’s user community.
  • Opportunity to host seminars/workshops for other tenants and partner companies engaged in graphene commercialisation.
  • Embedded with early stage, high growth companies developing new products and processes with 2D materials.
  • Open plan desk space (with superfast Wi-Fi access).
  • Use of shared conference, training rooms and other facilities.

Be part of the growth and success of Graphene City, at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse. Contact us for more information.