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Standards and characterisation

Graphene's commercial adoption will be accelerated by answering two key questions: 'What are the characteristics of the produced material' and 'how it can be used'.

World-class experts in various characterisation techniques, together with scientists of different academic disciplines, are working towards the identification and measurement of graphene's key characteristics and their correlation to potential applications.

Industrial metrics and their measurement

The establishment of industrial metrics, such as the number of layers or defects and their measurement, is crucial for the uptake of graphene-based technologies. Therefore, the NGI and its industrial partners are researching novel approaches to graphene characterisation where speed and scale are the primary concerns.

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Landmark Partnership

The University of Manchester and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have partnered in a move that will see the two world-leading organisations work together on the development of graphene standards, metrology and characterisation. This will see the UK become a leading authority on graphene standards.

Commercialising graphene

Material standardisation is crucial for industry uptake. There are many early adopters of graphene, but without standardisation, it's difficult for industry to be assured of the quality and properties of its graphene samples. The University of Manchester and NPL are seeking to address this gap and accelerate the development of graphene-enabled technology, and to improve the ability to produce graphene in a reliable and repeatable way. The University and NPL have published a good practice guide to tackle the ambiguity surrounding how to measure graphene. To access the guide, follow the link below.

Good practice guide.

Product characterisation service

Through the collaboration between the National Graphene Institute and the National Physical Laboratory, we provide independent characterise of new products, ensuring that product claims are supported by appropriate measurement and characterisation data, and that the claims made by vendors are reasonable and accurate. 
For more information please follow the link below.

NPL-NGI Graphene Characterisation Service