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Consultancy and training

We provide specialist technical support through short-term consultancy engagements that typically involve specialist expertise and knowledge to address specific problems.

The deliverable is usually a short report (although it may also occasionally be a prototype).

Please note that we offer technology consulting only, and do not provide support for market research/analysis, strategy, market entry, IP etc. (although we can usually provide introductions to appropriate companies within our network of Affiliate Partners).

Typical consultancy engagements might address:

  • Requirements and implications of standards;
  • Standardisation activities and current progress;
  • Specialist support for the development of new technologies, products and services;
  • General technical and professional advice regarding 2D materials;
  • Characterisation techniques and capabilities/services;
  • Health and safety aspects of nanomaterials.

For more information about our consultancy services, please contact us.

Training and workshops

We run regular training seminars to help develop a skilled workforce who can develop new products and processes that incorporate 2D materials.

Our specialist training courses are available in all aspects of 2D materials, and are delivered in small groups on a regular basis.

Training is typically provided for:

  • Fundamentals of 2D materials;
  • Properties and characteristics of 2D materials;
  • Standards for 2D materials;
  • QA and QC of 2D materials;
  • Measurement and characterisation of 2D materials;
  • Handling of nanomaterials;
  • Health and safety aspects of 2D materials;
  • Using nanomaterials (mixing, dispersion, consistency etc.).

We also host industry/sector specific workshops, where companies that might often compete can come together to discuss and address specific challenges (involving 2D materials) that might face an industry. These might include standardisation, measurement techniques, regulatory issues etc.

For more information about our training and workshops, please contact us.