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Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Close-up of a roll-to-roll coater at the GEIC

Membranes and coatings

The GEIC Membranes and Coatings Laboratory gives our members access to a range of techniques to coat materials for many different applications.

We have membrane fabrication and test facilities and a one-of-a-kind, pilot-scale roll-to-roll coater that can be used to scale up work in both membranes and coatings. We can test for permeation, corrosion, abrasion resistance and a host of other mechanical properties using our full suite of testing equipment.

Our team is made up of specialists from industry and academia who can help to plan, develop and deliver projects for our members. Whatever the coating or substrate, we can look at the benefits that graphene can bring to your business and draw on a wealth of research from the University to build a bespoke project.

We work with a number of UK and international partners to give our members access to world-class expertise, graphene material suppliers and cutting-edge research.

The services we offer are collated into four packages which cover the range of our capabilities.

Coatings formulation

Our formulation package is designed to give access to all necessary equipment for formulation of coatings systems using a wide range of chemistries.  We work in industries such as aerospace, automotive, metal protection and marine.

 This package includes:

  • Dedicated bench space and fume cupboard access
  • Tools such as Silverson high shear mixers and SpeedMixers for producing coatings
  • Bar coating, brush coating, spray coating for liquid and powder samples
  • Characterisation of coatings including microscopy, film thickness, FTIR, SEM 

This package allows for formulation of new coatings or modification of current coatings systems. Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Coatings testing

It is important to assess the mechanical and chemical properties of any coating system. At the GEIC we specialise in testing for anti-corrosion, abrasion and scratch properties. We can also look at UV testing and adhesion testing.

Our specialists and technicians are experts in using this equipment and translating the data acquired into a complete coating characterisation profile.

 This package includes:

  • Dedicated bench space and fume cupboard access
  • Use of a state of the art salt spray chamber and UV testing cabinet
  • Full mechanical testing of your coating, impact, abrasion, adhesion etc.

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Membranes formulation

Our formulation package is designed to apply the science of graphene-based membranes to your specialist application. We have the capability to produce and characterise membrane systems and then test the properties and performance.

 This package includes:

  • Dedicated bench space and fume cupboard access
  • Fabrication using dead-end and cross-flow systems
  • Permeation testing and performance testing
  • Characterisation of membranes including microscopy and SEM
  • Characterisation of electrical properties

 Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Pilot-scale roll-to-roll coating/membrane fabrication

The roll-to-roll system is designed for pilot-scale work that can be translated into full production scale with ease. The equipment is run by a dedicated operator for your project and full support is given.

This package includes use of the pilot scale coating line, features include:

•          Knife-over roller and high-precision slot die coating heads.
•          Corona unit for surface treatment of substrates.
•          Coating heads housed in temperature and humidity controlled chamber.
•          High-power UV lamp
•          In-line 2000L capacity chemical treatment and coagulation bath
•          Dip-coating station
•          Hot-air dryer up to 200°C
•          Substrate wind-up and lamination/transfer coating station

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Our team

Lisa Scullion, Application Manager, Coatings and Membranes

Welcome to the Membranes and Coating department. The team here has expertise in many areas such as formulation, nanomaterials, coatings and graphene. We will support your project from conception to delivery, helping to develop and test new formulations and also helping to guide you through the range of graphene materials that are available and select the right material for your application. We would be happy to discuss potential projects at any time for any industrial application and look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Scullion / Application Manager