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Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Paul Wiper, application manager of the CVD lab, demonstrating a piece of equipment

Material production

Within our materials production facilities we have unique CVD deposition and functionalisation equipment to grow graphene and 2D materials at scale and also functionalise bulk, graphene-based powders, respectively.

CVD laboratory

The chemical vapour deposition (CVD) laboratory at the GEIC houses unique deposition systems to grow graphene and 2D materials at scale.

Aixtron BM Neutron roll-to-roll CVD system

The Aixtron R2R system is used to grow graphene in a continuous process under atmospheric pressure. The system can produce metres of material per day.

  • Roll width – max 150 mm diameter foils
  • Max temperature - 1050°C
  • Available gases: CH4, H2, N2, acetylene (optional, enquire for details)
  • Process rate: Typically substrates are moved through at metres per hour
  • Furnace: Horizontal warm-wall 

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Aixtron Novo MOCVD System

This MOCVD system is used to grow other 2D materials such as hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), MoS2, WS2 etc. on 4-inch wafers.


  • Water-cooled stainless-steel reactor
  • Showerhead technology allowing for the delivery of separate MO precursors into the reactor
  • 1x4” wafer, foils or substrates
  • Top and bottom heaters (independent) up to 1100oC
  • RF plasma source for cleaning and growth

MO Precursors

  • Can accommodate 6, independent bubblers in temperature controlled water baths
  • Initial precursors: x4 metals sources based on M(CO)6 and x2 for chalcogenides

Gas inputs

  • Carrier gases (H2, N2, Ar)
  • x1 line for calcogenide gas, ie. H2

Liquid vapour draw

  • Unit available to house borazine for low pressure, catalytic growth of hBN

Additional features

  • Glovebox and load lock for safety

Run/vent line

  • Fast switching between MO sources potentially beneficial for 2D heterostructures and device fabrication.

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

planarTech planarGrow-6E Tube Furnace

A horizontal tube furnace used to grow graphene on substrates up to A4 in size. Typically, used to grow monolayer, few-layer and multilayer graphene on Cu or Ni foils, respectively.

  • Tube size (OD) – 6” (150x150 mm)
  • Gas Inputs – H2, O2, CH4, Ar – potential for extra dosing unit input – enquire if relevant
  • Furnace specifications:
    3-zone, SiC, 1450°C Max (150x150x250x150 mm)
    Quartz tube and therefore the temperature is limited to 1100°C
    Sample sizes – up to A4
  • Typical process times; Multilayer on Ni: 3 hours, Monolayer on Cu: 5 hours

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Powder processing

The GEIC Powder Laboratory gives our members access to various powder processing capabilities and functionalisation methods. The suite includes particle sizing equipment (both for wet and dry measurements), a powder processing area with large extraction, mixing capabilities, drying ovens and a Haydale HT60 plasma functionalisation reactor which can accommodate the following O2, NH3, CF4, Ar and N2 as available plasma gasses. 

We can functionalise various 2D material with a high degree of functionality and reproducibility to suit targeted applications. We work with a number of UK and international partners to give our members access to world class expertise and collaborate with other application areas at the GEIC to create products.  

The two main packages that cover the range of the powder processing laboratory capabilities include:


Our functionalisation package includes a dedicated staff member operating the plasma reactor and access to characterisation equipment.   

This includes

  • Dedicated fume cupboard access for powder processing
  • Access to pilot scale chemical reactors for  functionalisation
  • Characterisation of materials pre and post functionalisation

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Powder characterisation

This package allows our members to characterise various powders using the available characterisation equipment and includes: 

  • Dedicated access to Malvern Masterizer, Anton Paar particle sizer and Zetasizer
  • Access to Silverson high shear mixers, paddle mixers, ultrasound baths, drying ovens, sieves and speed mixers for powder processing
  • Characterisation of powders using other GEIC resources

Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Our team

Paul Wiper, application manager, CVD lab

We use our specialist equipment and expertise in the CVD graphene space to run collaborative projects that address all elements within a supply chain, as well as pull together contacts and companies to drive graphene commercialisation end-to-end. All of our team have experience working in industry and an understanding of what is required in a collaborative project to achieve the best outcomes. 

Andrew Strudwick / Application Manager