Global explosion

Graphene is extracted from graphite
Graphene is extracted from graphite and can be one layer or several layers thick

A‌fter the isolation of graphene in 2004, Kostya continued to explore how thin the graphite flakes on the tape could be made. He peeled the layers so thinly that what was left was one-atom thick graphene.

Having isolated mono layer graphene for the first time, the pair then began testing the material under the microscope, beginning to take in the vast potential of its properties. Andre and Kostya published their initial findings in 2003 but their paper was rejected twice as it was thought so unlikely that one-atom-thick sheets could be stable. Eventually their paper was published in the journal Science in 2004. That paper sparked a global explosion in graphene research.

Groups from around the world sent students to The University of Manchester to learn how to make the material and much work was done to explore the unusual electronic properties of graphene. Andre and Kostya continued to discover the diverse range of potential applications utilising graphene.

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