Graphene: World-leading Research and Development

Research and Development

Since the first isolation of Graphene in 2004, scientists at Manchester have explored the plethora of exciting properties and applications of graphene.

Graphene research at Manchester is an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative effort, spread across a number of research groups and centres.

Scientists explore the electronic, mechanical, chemical, optical and biological aspects of graphene, unravelling new properties that are special to a 2D material. Manchester scientists have also routinely set records with the superlative properties of graphene, such as measuring the highest electronic carrier mobility, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, optical absorbance, etc. Research in graphene is rapidly evolving from measurement of fundamental properties, towards real-world applications of graphene. Already, Manchester scientists have demonstrated flexible graphene touch-screens, graphene-based composite materials, graphene smart-windows, ultra-fast graphene transistors, etc, which hold tremendous implications in promoting and strengthening UK-based 21st century industry.