2010 Nobel Prize

Nobel prize
Sir Andre Geim, Dame Nancy Rothwell and Sir Kostya Novoselov

Six years after their groundbreaking isolation of graphene, Andre and Kostya were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for this work, becoming the 24th and 25th Nobel Laureates in the University's history.

On the same day they received the award, they were back in their lab, continuing to unveil new and exciting properties in graphene and other related two-dimensional crystal materials. More recently, Andre and Kostya were both made a Knight Bachelor in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to science and in 2013, The University of Manchester’s School of Physics and Astronomy was awarded a Regius Professorship, an honour duly conferred on Andre, who became the inaugural Regius Professor. In February 2013, both were made Freemen of the City of Manchester.

This is a fantastic honour. People have been talking about graphene as a possible prize winner for a number of years so for the community in graphene research it hardly comes as a surprise.
Prof Sir Andre Geim
We have had a fantastic seven years working together on this new material graphene. It's great to be a young academic at The University of Manchester and I'm grateful to everyone who has collaborated with us.
Prof Sir Kostya Novoselov
We are delighted that Andre and Kostya's work on graphene has been recognised at the very highest level by the 2010 Nobel Prize Committee. This is a wonderful example of a fundamental discovery based on scientific curiosity with major practical, social and economic benefits for society.
Dame Nancy Rothwell


Sir Andre Geim

2013 Regius Professor of Physics at Manchester
Copley Medal
Awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of Manchester
2012 Knighthood (UK)
2011 Niels Bohr Medal
2010 Knighthood (Netherlands)
Nobel Prize in Physics
Royal Society Hughes Medal
US National Academy of Sciences' John Carty Award
2009 Korber Science Prize
2008 Europhysics Prize
2007 13 Langworthy Professor
Royal Socierty Fellowship
Mott Prize
IgNobel Prize for "levitating the frog"

Sir Kostya Novoselov

2014 Royal Society Professorship
2013 Leverhulme Medal by the Royal Society
Langworthy Professor
Awarded the Honorary Freedom of the City of Manchester
2012 Knighthood (UK)
Kohn Award Lecture
2011 Bragg Lecture Prize from the Union of Crystallography
2010 Knighthood (Netherlands)
Nobel Prize in Physics
2008 International Union of Pure and Applied Science Prize
MIT Technology Review young innovator
Europhysics Prize
2007 Nicholas Kurti Prize
2006 Royal Society Research Fellowship
2004 The Leverhulme Trust, Early Career Fellowship
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