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Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Graphene samples on a laboratory table

Graphene case study: Graphene Innovations Manchester

GEIC Tier 1 partner


Graphene Innovations Manchester (GIM) is a company founded by Dr. Vivek Koncherry, an alumnus and entrepreneur from The University of Manchester. GIM emerged as a spin-off from the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre's (GEIC) Bridging the Gap (BtG) initiative.

An aerial view of a space station in space

Dr. Koncherry initially explored the potential of graphene in tyres and plastics with Space Blue, a company founded by a Research Associate in Robotics at The University of Manchester. Recognising the broader environmental and waste-related challenges, GIM was established in 2021, with the aim of designing graphene-based compounds and production systems to enable partners to commercialise graphene-enhanced products at scale, unlocking competitive advantage, sustainability, and cost reduction.

Profile of Dr Koncherry

By joining the Graphene@Manchester eco-system and leveraging the resources and expertise available through this academic-industry collaboration, we realised our full potential and were able to foster economic growth and contribute to sustainable development much earlier than anticipated. The GEIC helped us to commercialise our ideas and establish strong networks and partnerships with global businesses to drive innovation and achieve scalability.

Dr Vivek Koncherry / Founder of Graphene Innovations Manchester


GIM's success showcases the crucial role of university-industry collaborations in advancing technological innovation. The key points of their journey are described below.

Coloured samples of graphene laid out on a laboratory table

GIM partnered with Graphene@Manchester to explore graphene's potential, discussing ideas like a graphene suitcase and recycling car tyres into graphene floor mats. GIM received EU funding through the BtG initiative, leveraging the resources of GEIC for research and development acceleration. This included expert advice, technical support, project planning assistance, access to GEIC’s application specialists, workshops, and market reports.

This collaboration elevated GIM to a Tier 1 partner, backed by £3.6m of overseas investment, granting them access to state-of-the-art nanoparticle labs and diagnostic facilities. They secured significant investment for advanced manufacturing in Greater Manchester (led by Graphene Innovations Inc), focusing on graphene-based products and sustainable building materials made from recycled materials.

A spaceship approaching a space station in space.

GIM continues to accelerate research and global commercialisation in sectors like batteries, solar cells, hydrogen fuel tanks, graphene space habitats, recycled rubber, and sustainable construction materials, using advanced robotics. Highlighting further, the success of GIM's academic-industry collaborative experience.

Key metrics

The collaboration with the GEIC proved instrumental in expediting GIM's journey and achieving commercialisation milestones ahead of schedule.

  • The team expanded from two employees to 20, including six scientists.

  • GIM has four patents pending, further establishing themselves as a key player in graphene-based innovations.

  • Won first prizes at the Eli Harari Graphene Enterprise Awards for developing a space habitat using advanced robotics and materials.

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