Thomas Thomson

Prof Thomas Thomson

Thomas Thomson

Professor in Computer Engineering and Head of the Nanotechnology and Storage Technology Research Group

School of Computer Science
Research focus:
Magnetism in graphene and exploring the potential of 2D materials for spintronic applications.
Our research activities focus on understanding and developing nanomagnetic materials for data storage. Of particular interest are the rapidly emerging areas of bit patterned media (BPM) where data is stored in dense arrays of magnetic nanodots with dimensions on the order of 10 nm and an exciting new class of magnetic exchange spring materials.
Magnetic exchange springs offer the prospect of creating artificial materials with highly engineering magnetic properties on the nanoscale, where the ability to control reversal mechanism, thermal stability and switching field is critical for many advanced applications.
In practical terms these materials will result in storage devices with greater capacity and amongst other uses have the potential to create new high energy product permanent magnets. Within my group there is a broad range of activities from creating new materials such as magnetic multilayers and ordered alloys to advanced characterization.

Websites: Nanotechnology and Storage Technology Research Group | Academic profile

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