Robert Dryfe

Prof Robert Dryfe, CChem, MRSC

Robert Dryfe

Professor of Chemistry

School of Chemistry
Research focus:
Electrochemistry of graphene and related 2D materials.

One of the key challenges for the exploitation of graphene is to interface it with the molecular world, ie to exploit and modify its properties through chemical methods.

Robert is currently undertaking an EPSRC project on the electrochemical properties of graphene. This project explores the use of graphene as an electrode material, with the specific aims being to:

  • establish the fundamental physical chemistry that occurs at carbonaceous electrodes
  • explore the electrochemical modification of graphene.

Carbon-based materials are ubiquitous in the applications of electrochemistry (amperometric sensors, super-capacitors, batteries) hence fundamental studies of the charge transfer properties of such materials are both topical and significant.

Websites: Manchester Electrochemistry | Academic profile

Graphene: Energy
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