Irina Grigorieva

Prof Irina Grigorieva

Irina Grigorieva

Professor of Physics and Director of The North West Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre

School of Physics and Astronomy
Research focus:
The physics of graphene, in particular, the magnetic properties of graphene and its derivatives.

The possibility to induce magnetic response in graphene by controlled introduction of adatoms or defects or by controlling the size and shape of graphene crystallites is one of the more recent additions to the impressive list of graphene's unique properties.

The ability to make graphene magnetic adds to its potential for possible applications in spintronics. We have shown that submicron-size graphene crystallites exhibit notable paramagnetism, in contrast to its parent material, graphite, which is purely diamagnetic. More recently, our experiments demonstrated that paramagnetism in graphene can be strongly enhanced by fluorination or ion irradiation.

Dr Grigorieva is also Director of the Graphene NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral Training.

Websites: Condensed Matter Physics | Graphene NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral TrainingAcademic profile

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