Cinzia Casiraghi

Prof Cinzia Casiraghi

Cinzia Casiraghi

Professor in Nanoscience

School of Chemistry
Research focus:
Investigating the electronic, vibrational and optical properties of two- and one-dimensional materials such as graphene.

Cinzia's research group has a leading activity on the application of Raman spectroscopy to graphene, where this technique is used as non-destructive characterization tool in order to probe and tune the properties of graphene for technological applications.

The group is exploring new 2-dimensional materials, such as graphene, dichalcogenides, and their combination in superlattices and hetero-structures in order to develop new electronic devices and photovoltaics compatible with low cost and flexible substrates.

The group is also working on 2D-crystals formulation for inkjet printing.

Cinzia was the Sceintific Chair of Graphene Week 2015, which saw more than 600 delegates descend on The University of Manchester to discuss the latest graphene and 2D materials research.

She also collaborated with composer Sara Lowes to create Graphene Suite, a piece of music inspired by graphene to promote the roles of women in both science and composition.

Websites: Casiraghi Group | Materials Chemistry | Academic profile

Cinzia Casiraghi talks about Graphene Week 2015
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