Aimin Song

Prof Aimin Song

Conventional electronic devices are made up of silicon semiconductors, metal contacts, doped junctions or barrier structures, etc. Each of these components must be added vertically on top of one another. In contrast, we have recently developed novel concepts of nano-diodes and transistors that are based on single-layered device architecture. By using nano-scale electronic channels and tailoring the geometrical symmetry, the new devices have been demonstrated to have unique properties such as a zero threshold voltage, and extremely high speed. Operations at 1.5THz (1,500GHz) were achieved at room temperature recently, making it by far the fastest nanodevice to date. The single-layered device structure is particularly ideal for graphene materials, and much greater performance can be envisaged due to the unique properties of graphene. Our effort is to improve the speed even further into infrared regime where the nano-devices may be exploited for energy harvesting and medical and security imaging.

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