National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
The National Physical Laboratory (courtesy of NPL)

Landmark Partnership

The University of Manchester and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have partnered in a move which will see the two world-leading organisations work together on the development of graphene standards, metrology and characterisation. This will see the UK become a leading authority on graphene standards.

Commercialising graphene

Material standardisation is crucial for industry uptake. There are many early adopters of graphene, but without standardisation it's difficult for industry to be assured of the quality and properties of its graphene samples.

The University of Manchester and NPL are seeking to address this gap and accelerate the development of graphene-enabled technology and improve the ability to produce graphene in a reliable and repeatable way.

NPL Graphene & 2D Materials Conference 2016

Following on from the highly successful NPL Graphene Conferences in 2012 and 2014, the Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference 2016 is aimed at addressing some of the new concepts of graphene applications, metrology and technology.

The plenary speaker at this year's conference will be Professor Vladimir Falko, the National Graphene Insitute.

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