National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
We are working towards the development of international standards with the National Physical Laboratory (courtesy of NPL)

Characterisation techniques

Graphene's commercial adoption will be accelerated by answering two key questions: 'What are the characteristics of the produced material' and 'how it can be used'. World-class experts in various characterisation techniques, together with scientists of different academic disciplines, are working towards the identification and measurement of graphene's key characteristics and their correlation to potential applications.

Industrial metrics and their measurement

The establishment of industrial metrics, such as the number of layers or defects, and their measurement is crucial for the uptake of graphene-based technologies. Therefore, the NGI and its industrial partners are researching novel approaches to graphene characterisation where speed and scale are the primary concerns.

Consistent terminology, measurements and metrics

The NGI together with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) are working towards the development of international standards in order to establish consistent terminology, measurements and metrics that will guarantee the quality and safety of graphene and related materials across the supply chain.

The National Graphene Institute places a high value on the importance of graphene characterisation, industrial metrology and standardisation.

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