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Pathmaker and Pathfinder


Our innovative Pathmaker scheme is designed for early stage/start-up companies developing new products or processes that may first require investment, and that may have little or no resources (our corresponding Pathfinder Scheme is more appropriate for established companies wishing to develop new products/services/solutions within existing infrastructure and resources).

The Pathmaker Scheme provides the support required to prepare commercial opportunities for third party funding, and includes specialist and experienced technical evaluation and assessment; preliminary market positioning; facilities to meet and support prospective investors; and, in some cases, introductions to prospective value chain partners and/or customers. In this way, we can provide a complete ‘wrapper’ for possible ‘new to market’ innovations, and the insight, support and credibility to help ‘de-risk’ third party investments.


Our Innovative Pathfinder scheme has been developed to help established companies explore, identify and initially scope/understand novel products, technologies and/or services that may benefit from the incorporation of 2D materials.

This activity involves a small working group of three or four technical experts and an Innovation Lead from the GEIC, who will work with up to six staff from the commissioning company in a number of private workshops hosted at the GEIC.

This is great opportunity to access world-class academics and our highly experienced Applications Specialists, and to identify, scope and develop new concepts for established companies with existing products and processes.

The workshops operate as follows:

Workshop 1 – Overview of potential for 2D materials in domain of interest; overview of potential interests; initial scoping of work.

Workshop 2 – Present initial concepts/proposals, review and refine to reduce many opportunities to a few.

Workshop 3 – Present/review most likely opportunity and scope. Identify benefits and risks etc., and likely work programme to develop appropriate product/service/solution. The deliverables of the Scheme are primarily defined by the three workshops, but will also include a short final report (and very occasionally a prototype).

For more information about our either our Pathmaker or Pathfinder scheme, please contact us.