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Facilities and equipment

The National Graphene Institute (NGI) has pioneering laboratory space which enables collaborative research between academia and industry.

Our laboratory spaces offer flexible workspace for companies to collaborate with our academics. We operate as part of a "hub and spoke" model with other institutions which enables interdisciplinary research in physics, material science, electronic and electrical engineering among many others.

With our partners, we work on a diverse range of projects from new concepts and applications of graphene to designing the most efficient manufacturing methods. We also take a look at graphene standardisation and quality control, and health and safety in its manufacture and use.

Our facilities


The National Graphene Institute has 7,825 square metres of laboratory space. This is divided up into 20 research laboratories which are a mix of general facilities, specific research areas and spaces for our industrial collaborators. We also have two wet chemistry labs with 10 fume cupboards and requisite equipment for the preparation and modification of graphene and other 2D materials.

Our dedicated lab spaces include:

  • Furnace lab: this lab is equipped with a suite of furnaces for large area chemical vapour deposition (CVD).
  • Raman suite: the Raman Suite houses multiple laser systems for chemical and structural characterisation.
  • Prototyping lab: our prototyping lab comes equipped with five axis CNC, indexed lathe, 3D printer and other necessary equipment for the fabrication of devices and services.
  • The characterisation facility: the characterisation facility offers access to specialist equipment dedicated to the characterisation of new 2D materials.
  • Research facilities: we have a number of niche research facilities including: energy, membranes and nanofluidics, composites, digital fabrication and optical.


The NGI houses 1,500 square metres of ISO class 5 and 6 cleanrooms over two floors.

Our facilities include:

  • Fabrication facilities: the fabrication facilities provide space for graphene layer preparation ready for atomic array extraction/alignment, inert environmental processing and UHV processing.
  • Characterisation facilities: here you will find extensive "thin film" characteriation tools including: high-resolution SEM, HRFIB, modelling ellipsometry, raman, large area atomic force microscopy, UHV scanning probe microscopy, optical spectroscopy and profile with stress measurement.