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Facilities and equipment

The Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) specialises in the development and scale-up of graphene and other 2D materials for industrial purposes.

The GEIC is the home of industry-led innovation with graphene and 2D materials. Work at the GEIC is focused around creating, testing and optimising new concepts for delivering products to market as well as the processes needed to scale up production and build and maintain a supply chain.

Working with the National Graphene Institute, the GEIC complements their research with work in six key areas of focus:

  • Composites
  • Energy
  • Membranes
  • Inks, formulations and coatings
  • Graphene production and pilot facility
  • Measurements and characterisation

Our facilities:

High bay

The GEIC high bay is where the facility demonstrates its capability to accommodate true scale up to pilot production processes. The 10m high room is split into 9m square bays where our partners can install larger scale equipment. It includes two 10 tonne overhead cranes for equipment unloading, installation and material movement. The room is replete with services for power, process cooling, extraction and bulk gasses to ease equipment facilitation. 

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High bay specification


The composites suite of laboratories facilitates the incorporation of 2D materials into polymer, metal and ceramic matrices, from this parts can then be made and tested.

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Formulations and coatings

The formulations and coatings lab contains equipment dedicated to the development and production of inks and formulations for printed and flexible electronics, wearables and coatings.


Available at the GEIC are a number of specialist pieces of equipment for the fabrication of batteries and supercapacitors, at both large and small scales.

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The membranes area is equipped with tools to scale up the production of sheet and hollow fibre membranes using 2D materials.

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The GEIC characterisation facility is a suite of equipment to measure the physical, thermal, mechanical, optical, microstructural and functional properties of the materials and prototype systems produced within the GEIC. The ethos of the facility is towards quality control and a fast turn-around of measurements rather than academic nuance.

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Industrial laboratories

There are a number of industrial laboratory spaces that can be rented for shorter periods of time, such as for smaller projects. Our laboratories allow access to wet (with fume cabinets) and dry workspaces, as well as prototyping spaces.

For longer term projects, private laboratories are available. These spaces can be customised to suit the needs and requirements of your work.