The National Graphene Institute (NGI)

National Graphene Institute (NGI)

The key to realising the potential of graphene is partnership.

Atomic Force Microscopes can be used to map the properties of graphene

At 7,825 square metres with £13m of state-of-the-art equipment the National Graphene Institute (NGI) is the home for this collaboration. The facilities enable academics and their industrial partners to work side-by-side on new and exciting applications.

Industry has a vital role to play in how the world's first 2D material will be utilised. Research is nothing without development.

A big space for big ideas

The NGI has 1,500m² of class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms, which have an atmosphere more than a million times purer than air and the latest technology for nanoscale and characterisation projects.

The National Graphene Institute is funded by:

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