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Collaboration is key at the National Graphene Institute. Over 40 companies are already partnered with The University of Manchester working on graphene applications.

National Graphene Institute (NGI) at night
The National Graphene Institute at night

These collaborations offer our industrial partners the opportunity to work alongside our world-leading academics and over 200 researchers.

Examples of NGI collaborative projects

  • Demonstrations of new concepts, applications and fundamental studies.
  • Demonstrating graphene's potential by producing new concept products and processes.
  • Development of low-cost scalable manufacturing methods for high-quality graphene.
  • Process stabilisation, achieving reproducible quality, high manufacturing yields.
  • Graphene standardisation, quality control and health and safety.

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We are looking for partners across a range of sectors who want to operate in an open, shared and collaborative way.
James Baker, Business Director, Graphene@Manchester

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If you would like to engage with world-leading researchers at The National Graphene Institute and learn more about we can help bring your graphene applications to life please get in touch using the contact form.

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