National Graphene Institute (NGI)

National Graphene Institute (NGI)

Welcome to the world's leading facility for graphene research

The £61m National Graphene Institute (NGI) is the national centre for graphene research in the UK, drawing in specialists from across the globe. It houses state-of-the-art cleanrooms, plus laser, optical, metrology and chemical labs and equipment - the ideal environment for world-class graphene research.

National Graphene Institute
The National Graphene Institute (NGI)

The National Graphene Institute is fundamentally important to continue the world-class graphene research started in Manchester. Our researchers and scientists will be able to collaborate with colleagues from other universities and from some of the world's leading companies, which can only serve to enhance scientific research.
Prof Sir Kostya Novoselov

Industrial collaboration

Industry has a vital role to play in just how the world's first 2D material will be used. The NGI will not only house academics carrying out fundamental research but also industrial partners. The NGI is focused on collaboration between The University of Manchester and its partners to develop graphene applications of the future.

NGI Facts and Figures

  • The 7,825 m2 five storey facility features 1,500m2 of clean room space.
  • The building is split into two parts, with just a 50mm gap between them, separating the labs and clean rooms from the mechanical and electrical services to ensure minimal vibration.
  • The rooftop garden is home to 21 different grasses and wildflowers designed to attract urban bees and other species of pollinators.
  • The building has a unique facade made up of 1200 black, stainless steel cladding panels.
  • The UK's first ISO class 6 clean lift services the lower ground floor and first floor cleanrooms.
  • 'Quiet Island Isolation tables' have been installed to mount sensitive equipment on, further reducing the chance of vibration.
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